New research from us in the Journal of Wealth Management. Low interest rate environment impacts claiming decisions.

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New important research from us – Today I received my Journal of Wealth Management. You can see the article abstract attached below. I’m impressed as it is the prettiest journal, wrapped in plastic, and printed on thick paper. Most importantly, I think it is the premier journal in financial services. The editor is Jean Brunel who [...]

New research shows SS is the cheapest annuity you can buy, and we agree!

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Quoted in the news today – new research is out on Social Security. The take away is that it “pays” to create a smart strategy…sound familiar. The twist is that the authors use different terminology and relate Social Security to an “annuity.” Yes, it is like an annuity…but, a cheap one. The point of the article [...]

Recommended again in the news on where to go to get personalized help for Social Security

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In the news again – It’s always nice to get recognized for good work. I’m happy because more people are learning that choosing Social Security in a smart way can get them a lot more money. Remember most Americans don’t think about this decision and start as early as possible. Below is the article on us [...]

Why mortality is so important in creating a strategy

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Two Criteria for selecting a Social Security Strategy – I’m always talking about how to “get more” Social Security. You should look to maximize your “cumulative benefits”…what does this mean. Add up all your income over your life time and the life time our your spouse if you are married.This last component is the most important [...]

Our software is recommended for advisors by leading financial services analyst

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Can’t we all get along? I’m laughing after reading this article about our firm in this month’s Financial Advisor Magazine, see below. It is written by a well known expert on technology and advice tools that help advisors. I’m proud about his nice comments about our technology and how Social Security is important for advisors. He is [...]

Do not get torpedoed

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Tax Torpedo – be careful how you withdrawal your retirement savings. It is easy to make a mistake and increase the taxes on your Social Security.  I’m quoted in Investment News today. Mary Beth Franklin, expert on Social Security and retirement planning, interviewed me a while back on the tax torpedo. This is an article for [...]


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On behalf of our team, welcome to our site. We are proud to bring you services that will help you “Get More” Social Security. Dr. Bill Reichenstein, from Baylor University, and I have worked for many years to develop the research, published in the Journal of Financial Planning, that underlies our technology. Our mission is to [...]

Our New Research is Out!

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The Journal of Financial Planning just published our research in the April edition. I’m very proud of this work and want to give you some of my thoughts. I see this research as a large “breakthrough” for retirees and improving financial advice. Overall, the premise of the research is so simple it makes sense! If you [...]

Did you take Social Security early?

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Many people took Social Security earlier than they wanted because of the recession and unforeseen circumstances. The rules let you “redo” your Social Security if it has been less than 12 months since y ou started. Our research shows optimizing Social Security can add many years of longevity to most peoples savings. Take a “second look” [...]

I can tell when a husband loves his wife when we plan with our clients

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Yesterday posted about how women live longer and how this needs to be incorporated into a Social Security and withdrawal strategy. This week, Boston College’s Security Project re-posted some good research from 2005 about how women “irrationally” claim their Social Security benefits, see attachement. We have written about this too. What I want to reflect to [...]