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Social Security Solutions

$1 Billion more for our clients!January 22, 2014

We are proud to help our clients “get more” Social Security benefits in 2013…..over $1 Billion more. Social Security is one of the largest financial decisions you make in your life.  We have made the process to determine how to claim and find more benefits SIMPLE.  Unfortunately, there is a daunting amount of rules and [...]

Fortune / CNN Money Recommend Social Security SolutionsJanuary 16, 2014

Jean Chatzky a popular journalist and TV expert on financial matters on The Today Show recommends Social Security Solutions in her recent article on Social Security in Fortune/CNN Money. See her article and case example by clicking the link below:

Wall Street Journal recommends Social Security SolutionsSeptember 9, 2013

Today the Wall Street Journal recommended Social Security Solutions after its evaluation of software to help consumers maximize their Social Security benefits. Anne Tergesen evaluated a number of different software providers and says, “Social Security Solutions gets my vote for most user friendly.”  As part of her evaluation, Social Security Solutions also provided the largest [...]

Best way to coordinate Social Security with your savings – Morningstar interviews FoundersSeptember 7, 2013

See recent interview of Meyer and Reichenstein by Morningstar. Learn how maximizing Social Security can make your money last longer. A case study and free report allow you to see how their research published in the Journal of Financial Planning could help you coordinate your claiming strategy with your retirement savings. Link to article:,;frmtId=12,%20brf295

10 Social Security MysteriesMarch 11, 2013

Below is a copy of a recent article by Andy Landis on MarketWatch.  I think it is good, and agree many don’t know much about Social Security…well, that’s because it is too complicated.  Our goal it to make it simple and help you get the most money you are entitled to. Of course, I agree [...]

How working impacts your Social Security decision and retirement plan?March 3, 2013

How working impacts your retirement plan? Here is a recent article quoting the founders of Income from work may be an important part of your retirement. Making sure you integrate this into your retirement plan is critical. Coordinating how you withdrawal and claim Social Security can save your a lot of money.

Social Security more complex than Americans thinkJanuary 3, 2013

Has your advisor helped you with your Social Security decision?  Social Security is the largest financial decision you will make regarding your retirement.  Quality matters….make sure you evaluate all the options and assess your Social Security strategy relative to the other resources you have. Here is an article quoting William Meyer at a recent industry [...]

I can tell when a husband loves his wife when we plan with our clientsAugust 14, 2012

Yesterday posted about how women live longer and how this needs to be incorporated into a Social Security and withdrawal strategy. This week, Boston College’s Security Project re-posted some good research from 2005 about how women “irrationally” claim their Social Security benefits, see attachement. We have written about this too. What I want to reflect [...]

Why women are specialAugust 13, 2012

The last couple weeks, I have seen a lot more written about women. There was a big report presented to the Senate’s Special Committee on Aging the end of July. Here is the biggest take away: “Specifically, the participation rate for women in any type of plan, defined benefit or defined contribution, declined slightly from [...]

Focus in the right place to get moreAugust 7, 2012

Will you receive more out of the system than you put in? – lots of banter about this article today, see below. Progressively more Americans will pull more money out of Social Security than they paid in. This is NOT new news, right! We know there are more people retiring than workers paying into the [...]